Navigate the neighborhood of Stampton and use your stamps clear the pigeons from each city block while avoiding the many steam vents in the area!


  • WASD Movement.
  • R to reload.
  • Left click to shoot.
  • Can hold or spam left click to fire continuously.


Choose one item after beating each level:

  • Blue - Movement speed up.
  • Orange - Attack speed and ammo capacity up.
  • Red - Attack damage up.
  • Green - Healing.
  • Purple - Your stamps gain piercing.


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Your feedback form doesn't allow people without permission to view, so Ima write my thoughts here!

I love the simple pallet design and RNG (probably) parts of the world design!

I also like how there are powerups like the blue speed that spawn at the end of some levels, though I'm not sure if they're permanent - which I believe they should be. 

Some suggestions (not sure if there was a deadline) are  to add

- A menu and loop of the game instead of exiting the game on death.

- BGM and SFX for obvious reasons.

- Perhaps a screen shake when you shoot OR when you land a bullet to add some polish.

- Multiple enemies (not sure if there were further down the line), but obviously a slow, tanky, damaging one, as well as a fast, squishy, weak one for basics - for some spice.

- As well as maybe more powerups (Again, didn't get to far but perhaps maybe the heals can also add a buff like more ammo or damage up).

Also! Add a thumbnail bro! And some screen shots! And some spice to make this page stand out!